Welcome to the Houston Recovery Center. Our mission is to help people arrested for public intoxication discover the path to recovery by offering them a safe environment to sober along with screening, assessment, and counseling services, peer support, and information and referral resources.

What we are about


In addition to fulfilling our primary objective of providing a jail diversion for those arrested for public intoxication, we are providing the considerable number of individuals that pass through our doors an opportunity to get the help they need to make positive life changes. And although we are faced with limited resources in some critical areas of need such as detox services, we are having some incredible success and are making a profound impact on many of the individuals we see.
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Plans for the future


Providing a safe environment serves an immediate need for individuals under the influence, but long-term recovery is the goal of the sobering center. The staff aims to build rapport with clients to help them on the road to recovery and support them as they continue down that path. To accomplish this, the sobering center collects data from clients and the community to see what gaps exist in the continuum of care for those in need.
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