Our Goals

    • Provide triage, observation and necessary support services to manage intoxication
    • Provide opportunities for long-term treatment by linking individuals to appropriate community resources
    • Open the door for a pathway to recovery for those with a substance use disorder
    • Provide an alternative to jail
    • Increase holding capacity in the city jail for more serious criminals
    • Reduce HPD field personnel’s time processing this target population so they return to their assigned neighborhoods to address more serious crime and disorder problems


Providing a safe environment serves an immediate need for individuals under the influence, but long-term recovery is the goal of the sobering center. The staff aims to build rapport with clients to help them on the road to recovery and support them as they continue down that path. To accomplish this, the sobering center collects data from clients and the community to see what gaps exist in the continuum of care for those in need. Our vision for the future is to help fill in those gaps so that everyone who is ready to accept help has the opportunity to receive it.

You can become a part of our efforts to serve this population by supporting our mission.