The Houston Recovery Center is one of two chronic public inebriation sobering centers in Texas. Our facility is open 24/7 for those in need of a safe, welcoming environment when intoxicated and at risk on the street.

Many men and women have an addiction to alcohol or another substance. When using, they are at risk of making poor decisions, and if intoxication leads to a disturbance, law enforcement can pick a person up on charges of public intoxication. Our facility is one of the few chronic public inebriation sobering center in Texas serving as an alternative destination to jail.

Care Coordination Planning Team

It was the 18th visit for Marcus. The sobering center had just opened. He was the first client and the most frequent to be admitted by law enforcement...

National Sobering

A national collaborative where leaders of sobering centers, stakeholders and constituents gather at an annual summit to share best practices...

Houston Recovery

While society focuses on the ravages of addiction, the Houston Recovery Initiative redirects activity to recovery solutions cultivating the soil of social understanding...


We do not and cannot do this work alone. Our community service providers deliver the addiction treatment and recovery services that make up our program.

How our Texas chronic substance abuse sobering center serves the community

The Houston Recovery Center offers a spacious, clean environment staffed by trusted professionals who aid in the sobering process. Not only do we offer this short-term support, but we connect willing clients with community resources to help them get long-term support for their alcohol or drug dependency.

When individuals are delivered to our chronic substance abuse sobering center rather than the local jail, it helps both parties involved.

  • Law enforcement: Police are able to devote their resources to more serious criminals while the lower-risk individuals who are picked up on a public inebriation charge are diverted to our facility. This brings efficiency to the booking process for law enforcement, opening up beds and clearing out holding areas at jail facilities.
  • The individual: Our Texas chronic public inebriation sobering center is also advantageous for the individual. It keeps formal charges off their record and allows them to get the help they need so they don’t find themselves back in custody of police.

Our chronic public inebriation sobering center has helped many men and women in Texas, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our generous local community.

Learn more about our Texas chronic public inebriation sobering center by consulting with our team or scheduling a tour of the facility.