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Six Years of Impact

Six Years of Impact

Houston Recovery Center opened its doors April 13, 2013, at its ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Annise Parker. The nonprofit’s focus was helping the city reduce the number of public intoxicated people in jail by providing a safe place for these individuals to...

Embracing Safety as a Core Value

Embracing Safety as a Core Value

When you bring people from all walks of life into a shared space (Sobering Center), there must be rules and guidelines to ensure safety not only for clients but also employees. Safety is an important core value at Houston Recovery Center, just as much as compassion...

The Empty Chair

The empty chair. It’s a term used in the recovery community that references a relative or friend missing from the dining table during celebrations due to their substance use. In my case, I had a family member who periodically passed out in their chair during family...

Making Rock Bottom Less Rocky

“Houston is ground zero for DWI fatalities.” That’s the conclusion of Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg in a recent Houston Chronicle article. Drunk and drugged driving has caused more than 3,000 fatal traffic wrecks in the Houston area over the past 16 years, far more than any other major metropolitan area in the country. This tops all major metropolitan areas by 1,100 deaths.

Compassion and Recovery

We’ve all seen others struggle. Sometimes we ignore it. Sometimes we feel sympathetic. And sometimes, our sympathy drives us to action. Compassion has the power to open the door that leads to personal change. In the case of our clients, that means supporting them as they face the consequences of their actions while using alcohol and other drugs, even when doing so can be personally horrifying.

It’s All of It

It’s All of It

Working with problematic substance use is like this toy: one box with many shapes or associated conditions. Although the box is the same for every client, the combination of conditions surrounding their substance use is unique to their life.

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