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Resources on recovery, sobering centers, high utilizers and care coordination.

Reference Library

President’s Commission Final Report

Baker Drug Policy 2015 – Second Chances

Houston/Harris County, Criminal Justice

Baker Drug Policy 2017 – Fake Weed, Real Consequences

Houston/Harris County, Criminal Justice, Synthetic Cannabinoids

Hogg Foundation 2016 – Understanding Mental Health Systems in Texas

Texas, Access to Services

Meadows Mental Health 2015 – Review of Harris County Mental Health Systems Performance

Houston/Harris County, Access to Services

Meadows Mental Health 2017 – Harris County Services for Children, Youth, and Families

Houston/Harris County, Access to Services

Minor Crimes Massive Waste

United States, Criminal Justice, Prevention

National Center on Addiction 2015 – Guide for Policymakers

United States, Prevention, Access to Services

National Center on Addiction 2017 – Ending the Opioid Crisis

United States, Access to Services, Opioids

President’s Commission on Combating Addiction 2017 – Final Report

United States, Prevention, Opioids

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition 2015 – Blueprint for Policy Solutions

Houston/Harris County, Criminal Justice

Texas House Mental Health Committee 2016 – Final Report

Texas, Criminal Justice, Prevention, Access to Services

Texas Maternal Mortality Taskforce 2016 – Final Report

Texas, Access to Services

Texas Statewide Behavioral Health 2016 – Strategic Plan

Texas, Access to Services

United States Surgeon General 2016 – Facing Addiction in America

United States, Prevention, Access to Services, Opioid

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