Opioid Resources: Free Narcan, Training, Meetings

Houston Recovery Center not only operates the city’s sobering center but also serves those who are impacted by opioids and need assistance with free Narcan and free training.


Contact Krystal Baldwin for more information at kbaldwin@houstonrecoverycenter.org.
Watch our video on how we can help you save a life…


*Want to prevent an overdose?

We can provide Narcan at no charge if you want to have it on hand to prevent an opioid overdose of someone you know. This can potentially save their life after an overdose.


Opioid Resources: Free Narcan, Training, Meetings & More 1
*Interested in providing Narcan to your community?

Any organization can sign up to be a safe site and provide Narcan to their community at no cost – perhaps a health clinic, police department, fire department, church, community coalition or even a restaurant. We are helping communities that need access to Narcan save lives.

opioid training*Interested in getting trained on how to use Narcan?

It is easy to use. Narcan nasal spray is used to treat an opioid overdose. We offer training videos and personal demonstrations on how to properly use it.



telephone support
*Need to connect with a recovery coach through tele-support?     

We have recovery coaches available. Contact us for more info.

Opioid Resources: Free Narcan, Training, Meetings & More 2