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Houston Recovery Center Celebrates 6 Years

Staff celebrated six years of achievements and milestones at the quarterly meeting this month. In the last year, our staff increased by 57% (from 40 to 63 employees) as our programs expand to address challenging drug trends in the community. We are excited to continue making a difference for Houstonians.

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Six Years of Impact: Founders & Employees Share Their Perspectives

Houston Recovery Center opened its doors April 13, 2013, at its ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Annise Parker. The nonprofit’s focus was helping the city reduce the number of public intoxicated people in jail by providing a safe place for these individuals to sober.

We’ve achieved that goal and so much more, serving more than 26,000 clients in that time. We’ve added new programs in the last year to address the continuing substance use issues that plague our city, especially regarding opioids. These include proactive programs like HEROES to reach users right after an opioid overdose and start a conversation about recovery.

What Are You Most Proud Of?

Executive Director Leonard Kincaid, who brought the idea of a sobering center to Houston after seeing a similar solution in San Antonio, said he is most proud that the city took a chance on an innovative concept like this — and dared to do something different. He is also pleased with what the agency has accomplished with this opportunity.

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Six Years By The Numbers: 2013 – 2019

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Thank You, Downtown Management District

Downtown Management Districts generously donated our newest van for street outreach’s Public Intoxication Transport (PIT) team. Our clients and staff will have safe transportation to get to the sobering center. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

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Vanessa Vega and Brittany Holderrieth are new members of the Houston Recovery Center’s PIT Team. Staff love the new van!

Local Magazine Explores Opioids, Shares HEROES Program

We are thrilled Houstonia understands the rising severity of opioids in Houston and profiled the Houston Emergency Response Opioid Engagement System (HEROES) program we participate in with UTHealth. The five-page article shares a client’s path from crisis to success as well as stats regarding the opioid epidemic and how HEROES addresses this critical need.

Here is an excerpt regarding the client’s success:

He credits the low cost of treatment and the peer groups and down-to-earth recovery coaches he sees at the Houston Recovery Center, who have all been through substance-abuse treatment before themselves. 
“It’s just different,” he says. “They understand what the hurdles are, what’s stopping people.”

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Can This New Research Program Teach Houston How To Tackle Opioid Abuse?
Houstonia, May 1, 2019
Local magazine shares information about opioid issues in Houston and how the HEROES program is making a difference.

Former Houston Prima Ballerina Opens Up About Dark Secret
ABC 13, April 27, 2019
Houston Recovery Center ambassador Lauren Anderson shares her story and recovery journey with ABC13’s Melanie Lawson.

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