This time of year is always the perfect time to reflect on what we are grateful for: Food, friends, family, and warmth are a few things that come to mind. Here at Houston Recovery Center, we know that not all Houstonians have those things. Our PIT (Public Intoxicant Transport) Team knows it better than most of us. This year, they went on almost 2,000 calls into the streets of Houston, bringing the unhoused and vulnerable populations of Houston that were under the influence, a chance at recovery, stability, and mental health services. Each ride costs about $4.00, meaning you could save a life for the price of a small coffee. This season, help Houston Recovery Center continue this outreach program, and let’s reach 2,000 more.

Share our message, our mission, and our need with friends and family to help us reach our $10k in 10 days goal, and extend our wish of Happy Holidays to the entire community! We can’t wait to show you in 2022 more of who we are, and that we are So Much More than a sobering center

Yes, we are a sobering center.  Yes, we are a recovery program.  But the work we do, and most importantly, the effect we have in the community and in these individual’s lives is truly so much more.

Please don’t wait.  Your gift to Houston Recovery Center is both Changing and Saving Lives.  Share this with 10 friends to help us meet our goal of $10,000, and give the community more hope. Give the Gift of Recovery this Holiday. No Gift is too small.