As we close out this year, we feel so much gratitude towards our clients, our staff, and our partners. These are the people who have built the foundation on which we operate, they are the reason we get to do what we do. In these last 10 days, we seek to fundraise 10,000 dollars that will help us build upon that foundation in many ways. Today, we want to focus on the incredible LGBTQ population of Houston. 10 thousand dollars would allow us funding to create a safe space for our transgender, nonbinary, and LGBTQ clients, whom make up about 20% of our intake.

Did you know that Houston has the largest LGBTQ population in all of Texas? We are proud of that diversity, and want to do our best to ensure that each and every one of our clients feel safe, supported, and heard inside of our walls. Additional funding could be used to ensure that we can create a space inside of our sobering center for these clients that would guarantee that safety and support. This holiday season, donate to the Houston Recovery Center and help us in our journey to ensure a full, unencumbered life of joy and recovery for our clients. Your gift can and will change and save the lives of Houstonians.

Please share with friends and family, this is a big mission and we need all hands-on deck. We wish you and yours health and happiness this Holiday season!