Houston/Harris County, Texas – Houston Recovery Center is excited to re-launch a Rodeo focused
version of the successful campaign PLAN, a county-wide grassroots social media campaign initiative
that will communicate the importance of responsible planning for holidays, events, and other
celebrations where alcohol is consumed or sober social alternatives for celebrating. The social media
campaign is active and initially launched on HRC Social Media on 12/01/2022, with the Rodeo-
specific messaging being introduced on 2/24/2023, “Go Texan Day” in Houston.
“We are so grateful to law enforcement and government agencies for everything they do to stop
people from driving under the influence, but we all need to do more to prevent this problem before it
gets to that point. We must stay mindful about making a plan ahead of time to stay safe and NOT get
in that position to begin with. Driving under the influence doesn’t just happen when you get behind the
wheel intoxicated – it is a series of wrong choices leading up to that act, with a result that’s far too
often, deadly,” says Leonard Kincaid, Executive Director of Houston Recovery Center. “What we
learned from our December PLAN campaign is that this isn’t just a Holiday issue, this message is
important year-long. As we prepare for upcoming events and festivities around Houston like the
Rodeo, St. Patrick’s Day, and Spring Break, let’s take responsibility for ourselves and each other so
that we all make it to the next celebration, safely.”
The PLAN campaign will feature/include:
 Interviews with local influencers, government authorities, and substance use professionals
 Shared resources on safe alcohol consumption limits, responsible drinking, substance use,
recovery options, and non-alcoholic alternatives to drinking.
 Sober Social event at Dish Society (Bellaire) on 3/8/2023
Houston Recovery Center hopes the PLAN campaign will educate the community about responsible
drinking and sobriety options and encourage personal and social responsibility to keep everyone
safe. We aim to do this by targeting two groups: the sober and recovery communities and those who
choose to celebrate with alcohol, so that everyone has the information needed to celebrate safely.
The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of impaired drivers and fatalities due to DWI/DUI instances.
The social media campaign graphics, interviews, and videos will be shared on HRC’s social media
accounts and those of our partners and allies. Content can be found on our social media platforms
and at the campaign website: https://plan.houstonrecoverycenter.org/. We are asking media, partners,
influencers, and other allies to participate by sharing existing campaign content or creating your own by
participating in challenges.
About Houston Recovery Center: HRC launched as an innovative solution to public intoxication,
which evolved into a hub for managing recovery care for problematic substance use for individuals
that do not have access to other recovery resources. It manages the city’s only sobering center as a
jail diversion option for public intoxication. This opens the door to one of many early intervention
points to introduce the option of long-term recovery for people living with substance use disorder
through compassionate care, intensive case management, and community coordination. More
information can be found at www.houstonrecoverycenter.org.