Compassion Transforms Lives

Make A Difference

Make A Difference

In the wake of hurricanes and disasters, every Houstonian knows that compassion changes lives. Instead of crumbling under the weight of these challenges, Houstonians from all walks of life rose to aid strangers who lost everything. The most diverse city in America countlessly becomes a beacon of compassion and unity.

Whether we know it or not, addiction affects us all. It strikes our neighbors. Our families. Our friends. Even ourselves. The crisis of substance use is real, and with compassion, recovery is possible.

At Houston Recovery Center, we know that whether you fall down is not as important as whether you get back up. So we stay with our clients, walking with them on their pathway to recovery, through all of their successes and stumbles.

You can make a difference too. Whether you make a donation or talk to your friends and family about the many Houstonians overcoming addiction and the neighbors helping them along the way, your compassion can and does transform lives.

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