Innovation in Action Beyond Four Walls

Houston is bold.

We put a man on the moon. We built the first-ever domed stadium. And we are the home of the largest medical research center in the world. So it makes sense that our city would come up with a bold and creative solution to America’s addiction epidemic.

Houston Recovery Center is about more than what happens between the four walls of detox and treatment facilities—or even our own sobering center—because we know that real recovery happens in the community. Our job is to help every client find the resources they need to walk their own pathway to recovery, wherever they are. That means working with medical personnel to solve health problems and stabilize medication regimens, working with the criminal justice system to resolve legal issues, working with communities to find suitable housing and employment opportunities, and so much more.

Ending the crisis of addiction demands proactive innovation with all hands on deck, and once again, Houston is leading the way.


8 minutes

Average time for officers to admit a client into the Sobering Center