Change Begins at the Heart

Our Story

Our Story

Ever go out with friends and drink more than you planned? It happens. The rodeo. A flight into Houston for a convention. Washington Avenue. For folks who are impaired and cross paths with law enforcement, the only option in the past was a stint in jail. That meant an arrest record, some expensive fines, and explaining to their families and employers where they disappeared to.

The Houston Recovery Center offers a better solution.

Now, when law enforcement picks up someone who is impaired, they come to our sobering center. Once they sober up, they have the chance to talk with staff about how they landed here and get connected to services if they have a recurring substance use issue. That means more people have immediate access to recovery opportunities, even when that wasn’t what they expected at the beginning of the night.

More people keep their homes and jobs, more families and communities remain whole, and taxpayers are not stuck with a steep bill for emergency care and incarceration.

The Houston Recovery Center keeps people out of jail and delivers recovery programs for folks that want assistance with substance use. That makes a difference for people’s lives, and it makes a difference for our whole community.

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