Houston Recovery Center is So Much More than a sobering center. This year, we placed hundreds in treatment, provided many with life-saving Narcan, partnered with community organizations to raise HIV Awareness, and built relationships with Houston hospitals to help educate them on overdose and reach those with Substance Use Disorder. This year, our final campaign is “So Much More”. Because we are so much more, and so are our clients.  

In these last 10 days of 2021, as we celebrate the holiday season and approach the new year, HRC is so appreciative of the impact we are able to have in the Houston community thanks to our program partners, funders, the clients who put their trust in us, and thanks to you.

We will use our time left together the rest of this year to share more about the work that we do in Houston Recovery Center, why your gifts are so important, and how your contributions affect our organization.  You’ll hear from our Executive Director, Leonard Kincaid, about the details of our organization’s program model.  You’ll hear from Heather Clarke, our new Frontlines employee, about her Substance Use Disorder story and her journey to reach recovery; and You’ll hear Lauren Anderson, of the Houston Ballet, explain why helping others reach recovery is so important and how it helps the Houston community as a whole.
Our goal is to raise $10k in 10 days!  That means, if 20 people, every day, are able to gift $50 to our programs and services, we will meet our goal and you will pay for one person to experience 18 months of Recovery Support Coaching and a bed in a transitional housing program.

Yes, we are a sobering center.  Yes, we are a recovery program.  But the work we do, and most importantly, the effect we have in the community and in these individual’s lives is truly so much more.

Please don’t wait.  Your gift to Houston Recovery Center is both Changing and Saving Lives.  Share this with 10 friends to help us meet our goal of $10,000, and give the community more hope. Give the Gift of Recovery this Holiday. No Gift is too small. 

Please CLICK HERE to give today.