Board Profile: Betty Nunnally, MBA

Board Profile: Betty Nunnally, MBA
Impacting Thousands During 30 Years at Star of Hope

Board Profile: Betty Nunnally, MBA 1Houston Recovery Center board member Betty Nunnally has worked at Star of Hope for 30 years. Considering that the nonprofit helps around 1,200 people a day, imagine all the lives she has impacted during her tenure. And the kindness that has been showered over them.

“Sometimes people don’t walk in ready, but with kindness lots can change,” Nunnally says. “We have an opportunity to save people’s lives and help people change their life when they’re ready.”

Nunnally currently works as the nonprofit’s Senior Vice President of Programs, which involves directing all of Star of Hope’s programs and facilities: Men’s Development Center, Women and Families Development Center, New Haven, New Heights and The New Horizons Programs.

Through the years, Nunnally says Star of Hope’s programs have grown much more intense and greatly expanded into prevention, street outreach, housing, and case management. One big effort she’s had the joy of working with is their WorkForce Development Program. Star of Hope has partnered with The WorkFaith Connection to provide clients more help in getting jobs.

“I’m proud to say that our median income for clients who leave is $11/hour,” Nunnally relates. “That’s a very specific metric we’ve seen increase significantly over the past few years.”

Board involvement
Nunnally got involved with Houston Recovery Center before it was even formed. The city of Houston came to Star of Hope asking how the nonprofit could partner with this effort and expressed interest in a piece of Star of Hope’s land on the Men’s Development Center site off Ruiz Street downtown.

Nunnally said Star of Hope thought it would be a good partnership because they knew there would be a large number of homeless people brought to the sobering center. At the time, the building was a warehouse. Star of Hope gutted the property and developed it over the next year with the sobering center on the first floor and Houston Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team and Mental Health Division on the second floor.

Board Profile: Betty Nunnally, MBA 2

Betty’s Boutique is one special way Betty Nunnally’s legacy will live on at Star of Hope. The nonprofit established its clothing closet in Betty’s honor in August 2017 as a place for women and children to get essential clothing as they get back on their feet.

Nunnally was appointed to Houston Recovery Center’s board as a representative from Star of Hope, which holds three positions on the board.

“I’ve been privileged to be a board representative from Star of Hope since the Houston Recovery Center board formed,” Nunnally says. “It’s been a joy to work on this board because miracles are happening every day. They’ve made such a difference in so many lives during that time.”

What makes Nunnally passionate about serving on the board? The vision.

“Star of Hope and Houston Recovery Center are in the same business of helping people recover their lives and become successful,” Nunnally relates.

Importance of Kindness
Through the years, Nunnally says she has seen the sobering center grow into a greater mission of helping people change their lives. Sometimes that takes a lot of patience, Nunnally says, which Houston Recovery Center staff has.

“It takes many visits and many interactions over time to form a relationship with clients,” Nunnally relates.

Relationships are built with kindness, she adds. And that’s how she sees Houston Recovery Center and Star of Hope staff treat the people they serve.

“We’re both taking care of people who are lost, fearful, and hopeless – and we are showing them kindness, and love, and a new way to live,” Nunnally says.