The Houston Recovery Center, a sobering center serving the Houston and Harris County community, is an innovative solution to public intoxication and drug abuse. Our doors are always open, which allows us the opportunity to provide drug abuse assistance 24/7. Sobering center tours are available for visitors and the community we serve.

Whether you are a member of the Houston and Harris County community, or located from another area of the country, feel free to contact our team and schedule one of our drug abuse sobering center tours — we will facilitate your request and help you learn more about the important services we offer on a daily basis.

Care Coordination Planning Team

It was the 18th visit for Marcus. The sobering center had just opened. He was the first client and the most frequent to be admitted by law enforcement…

National Sobering

A national collaborative where leaders of sobering centers, stakeholders and constituents gather at an annual summit to share best practices…

Houston Recovery

While society focuses on the ravages of addiction, the Houston Recovery Initiative redirects activity to recovery solutions cultivating the soil of social understanding…


We do not and cannot do this work alone. Our community service providers deliver the addiction treatment and recovery services that make up our program.

About the Houston Recovery Center

As you will quickly find out from our drug abuse sobering facility tours, we are a true asset for the communities in Harris County. Instead of occupying law enforcement and medical resources, our facility is here to take in intoxicated individuals and provide them with the management and care they need as they sober up.

On our drug abuse sobering facility tours, you can see our facility, which houses up to 16 females in one room and 68 males in another room. We welcome in men and women that are intoxicated with alcohol or other substances. This is different from other facilities, which don’t necessarily work with individual who are on various types of drugs.

Learn about our team and services via a drug abuse sobering center tour

Aside from this important short-term service that we offer intoxicated men and women, the Houston Recovery Center also specializes in long-term addiction case management, helping clients make the changes they want in their lives.

With our drug abuse sobering center tours, you will get to meet some of the dedicated professionals behind our operation, who are focused on improving the quality of life for our clients while benefitting the community.

We’re ready to schedule you for one of our drug abuse sobering center tours — talk to our team right now.