Here at the Houston Recovery Center, we contribute significantly to our community through evidence-based practices that are designed to support real healing. Our drug use disorder support services in Houston are designed to provide effective and efficient services for everyone who needs them, while supporting the healthcare and law enforcement communities by preserving important resources.

When local agencies need to connect vulnerable clients to drug use disorder recovery support programs, they choose the Houston Recovery Center and our dedicated staff of professionals.

Care Coordination Planning Team

It was the 18th visit for Marcus. The sobering center had just opened. He was the first client and the most frequent to be admitted by law enforcement…

National Sobering

A national collaborative where leaders of sobering centers, stakeholders and constituents gather at an annual summit to share best practices…

Houston Recovery

While society focuses on the ravages of addiction, the Houston Recovery Initiative redirects activity to recovery solutions cultivating the soil of social understanding…


We do not and cannot do this work alone. Our community service providers deliver the addiction treatment and recovery services that make up our program.

How our team provides top-notch drug use disorder support services for Houston

At the Houston Recovery Center, we know the importance of reaching our clients where they are. That is why we offer a diverse array of peer-based drug use disorder support services designed to support our clients in the Houston community.

Our drug use disorder recovery support programs in Houston take resources to our clients in their own environment, meeting in locations convenient to the client, whether at home, at a coffee shop, or at a library.

Houston Recovery Center’s best-practice programs also combine:

  • Support specialists carefully matched with each client
  • Acute short-term care for immediate sobriety support
  • Long-term resource matching and peer assistance to promote substance abuse treatment
  • Connection with additional resources for mental illness and physical health

The Houston Recovery Center supports hundreds of patients every year in pursuing long-term sobriety. Our drug use disorder support services offer custom interventions for clients from all walks of life, and our critical community resources need your help to continue. Let us show you how you can support our efforts by contacting us today. We also provide virtual and physical tours of our facility so you can see firsthand the great work administered by our devoted staff.