If you are a law enforcement agency looking for legitimate Houston public intoxication services, you want a provider you can trust to take great care of its clients. Instead of spending hours booking someone into jail for public intoxication, consider the Houston Recovery Center, the only 24-hour and fully staffed sobering center in The Greater Houston Area that offers an innovative solution to public intoxication.

The Houston Recovery Center offers jail diversion programs in Houston, and it does so in a compassionate, holistic way designed to help clients get back on their feet to become contributing members of society. However, at the Houston Recovery Center, providing jail diversion programs and treating those who are intoxicated is not the end goal.

While not a rehab or detox center by design, the Houston Recovery Center does provide long-term recovery support options for all our clients, especially for those in need of more comprehensive substance abuse recovery programs.

Care Coordination Planning Team

It was the 18th visit for Marcus. The sobering center had just opened. He was the first client and the most frequent to be admitted by law enforcement…

National Sobering

A national collaborative where leaders of sobering centers, stakeholders and constituents gather at an annual summit to share best practices…

Houston Recovery

While society focuses on the ravages of addiction, the Houston Recovery Initiative redirects activity to recovery solutions cultivating the soil of social understanding…


We do not and cannot do this work alone. Our community service providers deliver the addiction treatment and recovery services that make up our program.

Houston Public Intoxication Services that Show How Much We Care

One distinguishing aspect that makes the Houston Recovery Center a leading service provider for public intoxication and substance abuse is that we don’t turn away repeat clients, ever. Substance abuse and alcoholism do not discriminate, which is why at the Houston Recovery Center, our sobering services for public intoxication and substance abuse are available for everyone. Whether the client is visiting us for the first or 50th time, we provide the same great level of care.

Furthermore, Houston Recovery Center benefits law enforcement and other community agencies by:

  • Diverting intoxicated clients away from incarceration and toward treatment
  • Preserving important medical resources particularly the emergency room and EMS transports
  • Providing a chance for clients to truly recover from substance abuse

Our team is available to support law enforcement and local medical facilities round-the-clock, all year long. Our 24/7 operation promotes health, safety and welfare among the area’s most vulnerable populations, including those with unstable housing situations and mental health concerns.

By supporting the Houston Recovery Center, not only are you helping those in need of sobering and recovery services, you’re helping make Houston a safer city. Contact the Houston Recovery Center today to learn more about our mission and our public intoxication services.