Smoking Cessation Success Stories

Smoking Cessation Success Stories
Making the Change to a Healthier Life

Smoking Cessation Success Stories 1Smoking has been a part of Chad Armstrong’s life for 26 years. Even though Armstrong, Recovery Support Specialist in UTHealth’s HEROES program, started as a teen, he never tried to quit before.

“I truly believe the program has worked because of my accountability partner, Jessica Yeager, and having Gina Bryan and Coach Turner help me along the way,” states Armstrong.

Armstrong’s expectations with the program were to stop having cravings and to quit completely. He didn’t have any doubts with the program, he says, only doubts with himself. Armstrong handles cravings to smoke by taking a nicotine lozenge or chewing gum.

The changes for Armstrong, in even just three months, are dramatic.

“I have never felt better in my life,” he states. “I no longer have a nasty smoker’s cough, and I don’t have to worry about smelling like cigarettes. My sense of smell and taste are better than ever.”

Smoking Cessation Success Stories 2Client Kena Bush also is proud to share her success story from Houston Recovery Center’s smoking cessation program. She started the program November 11, which also was the day she identified as her quit date. She started this program because she was willing to try something different. When she heard the program was offered through people that she knew, she felt more confident.

Bush said she’s tried to quit twice in the past, but it’s working this time because she has more support. “I have a coach that is able to meet with me,” Bush states.

When asked if she noticed any changes after not smoking for two months, she confidently said, “Oh, yes!” She doesn’t have to run out to the car to smoke, she can breathe better, smoking doesn’t occupy her mind, and her baby is not inhaling the smoke.

“I just want to say thank you,” says Bush.