Are you a behavioral health professional looking to learn more about substance use disorder in Houston through sobering center tours? At the Houston Recovery Center, we use evidence-based approaches to provide intensive, effective community support for some of our most vulnerable residents.

We know that other communities could benefit from the same approach, which is why we offer substance use disorder sobering center tours so you can learn more about our facility. Imagine if your city could save a significant amount of money and preserve healthcare and law enforcement resources for serious emergencies.

Our substance use disorder sobering facility tours, and virtual tours for non-Houstonians, can help you learn more about the ways in which this approach can benefit your local government.

Care Coordination Planning Team

It was the 18th visit for Marcus. The sobering center had just opened. He was the first client and the most frequent to be admitted by law enforcement…

National Sobering

A national collaborative where leaders of sobering centers, stakeholders and constituents gather at an annual summit to share best practices…

Houston Recovery

While society focuses on the ravages of addiction, the Houston Recovery Initiative redirects activity to recovery solutions cultivating the soil of social understanding…


We do not and cannot do this work alone. Our community service providers deliver the addiction treatment and recovery services that make up our program.

How you can benefit from substance use disorder sobering center tours

Municipal and public health leaders can learn more about our facility through our substance use disorder sobering center tours in Houston. We offer intensive supports for our valued clients, many of whom are single-use visitors. Our facility is unique because it is:

  • Free
  • Totally confidential – clients’ families and bosses will not find out they were there
  • Designed to provide long-term support in addition to covering immediate needs
  • Intended to limit law enforcement involvement and prevent a criminal record
  • Bolstered with peer support to maximize respect and care for our clients

You can learn about the reduction in jail admissions, financial benefits, higher client satisfaction and enhanced law enforcement satisfaction that can come along with the use of a sobering center like ours.

Jails and emergency departments are not always the best solution for substance-abuse concerns. Our substance use disorder sobering center tours give you the insight you need to develop a similar program in your home community.

Are you interested in scheduling a substance use disorder sobering facility tour at the Houston Recovery Center? Contact us today to get started! For those outside of Houston, we invite you to take a visual tour of our facility.